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Singkatan Perkataan Dalam Penulisan Blog/Chat.

Salam Sejahtera,

Kebiasaannya dalam blog ada penulis yang menggunakan bahasa english. Sudah pun guna english, lepas tu guna singkatan pula. Disini saya senaraikan serba sedikit maksud-maksud singkatan perkataan yang sering digunakan itu.

Acronyms with Meanings


afk - away from keyboard

aka - also known as

asap - as soon as possible

b4 - before

bbl - be back later

brb - be right back

btw - by the way

cu - see you

dl - download

f2f - face to face

fyi - for your information

ftw - for the wing

2g - got to go

gg - good game

gm - good morning

gn - good night

gr8 - great

irl - in real life

jk - joking or just kidding

l8r - later

lmfao - laughing my f* a** off

lmao - laughing my a** off

lol - laughing out loud

myob - mind your own business

nvm - nevermind

np - no problem

ol - online

omg - oh my god or oh my gosh

pm - private message

sop - standard operating procedure

srsly - seriously

thx - thanks

ttfn - ta ta for now

ty - thank you

ul - upload

wb - welcome back

wtf - what the f*

wtg - way to go

wth - what the h*ll

yw - you’re welcome



ta - tumblr ask

gv - good vibes

dp - default picture

tgif - thank god it’s Friday

rb - reblog



ym - yahoo messenger

im - instant messenger

ps - photoshop

fb - facebook

143 - i love you

mtv - Music Television

ms - Myspace

n/a - no answer or not applicable

via - by way of

email - electronic email

bg - background

rt - retweet

rm - remake or rematch

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